Generic Kamloops Industrial Video

After seeing KGHM’s bland video proposing that we should start a “conversation” over their proposed Ajax mine on the doorsteps of Kamloops and then seeing a purposely saccharine video that pokes fun at the genre, I decided to make my own.

My video was inspired, not only by KGHM’s video, but by Kendra Eash’s This is a Generic Brand Video, which is a poem not a video, published on Timothy McSweeney’s website. A stock video company in Calgary called Dissolve Stock Footage took the words of the poem and prepared This is a Generic Brand Video, this time an actual video, from stock footage.

The coincidence of videos from KGHM and Dissolve was too much for me to resist and so I took free stock footage and music to create my own satirical Generic Kamloops Industrial Video.