About David


David Charbonneau

David will be posting his columns every week on Wednesday. He has eclectic interests ranging from social and political issues to science.

He is a retired Electronics Instructor from Thompson Rivers University, former president of the Faculty Association, and curriculum writer. He now paints acrylic on canvas for Thompson Studio.



  1. Hello David, I read your columns in The Armchair Mayor and find them informative.

    Would the following be worth a column by you?
    With the proliferation of cell phones, ipads, and all the other electronic easy-carry gizmos with cameras, people are extremely discourteous with their use of photography, filming and recording. I guess when out in public, anything goes, but I’ve been surprised and annoyed with those who think it is okay to film and record at private gatherings without asking permission. This isn’t just young people but some of my mature friends at social/music private parties do the same. When I ask them to stop and tell them that we don’t allow it, they seem offended. Some even post their recordings on facebook and other social media! Why normally courteous people are so thoughtless (bordering on rude) when they have a camera in hand is puzzling to me. Do you know?

    I think a lesson in courtesy and etiquette in the use of filming/recording devices would be useful.

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