Orwell was wrong: Big Business watches you, not Big Brother

Whoever controls language controls power.  George Orwell knew it when he wrote his chilling glimpse into the future, Nineteen Eighty-four.  In his novel, the propaganda agency of the ruling class shaped the ideas of the masses by shaping their language.  Here is an update on Orwell’s “newspeak”. The future is here.

Big Brother

Freedom used to mean the unbound liberty to think, to give the mind wings through a rich diversity of ideas.  Now it means the ability to buy what you want .  A table of cheap goods is laid before us as evidence of freedom.  The consumer is king,  top of the heap.  The fittest has survived.

The triumph of the Free Western World over the Evil Communist Empire was not just a triumph of political ideology, but the triumph of the free market.  The natural superiority of market-driven economies have vanquished the inferior communal distribution of goods. What remains is a peculiar kind of democracy — one people vote with their credit cards and cash.  And global commercialism is receiving more of these kind of votes than governments do in ballot boxes.

You will like Free trade – its your expression of freedom.  The gospel of  global free trade is being preached by the minority ruling class of the New World Order and its institutions such as the World Trade Organization.  Developing nations can only join the Free World by purging  themselves of their communistic ways.  The  all-knowing World Bank knows best.  All vestiges of socialism — public health, education, social assistance — must be eliminated.

The marketplace is the anvil in which free trade is beat into a two-edged sword.  It cuts those who do not obey its natural justice.  Canada was forced by global free trade to import the gasoline additive MMT, despite it being banned in its county of origin.  France is being pressured by Canada to accept Canadian asbestos, despite France’s fears that it is harmful.  Free trade cuts both ways, but such is the awesome price of freedom — there will be casualties along the way.

Special interest groups are the enemies of freedom.  In the new lexicon, these include  visible minorities, women, labour, anti-poverty groups, social activists.  What’s that you say? These groups constitute a great majority?  Don’t be troubled by such thoughts.  When feeling troubled, shop and your vexations will disappear.

Or sit in front of your TV or computer monitor and let the rhythmic flicker re-align your neurons to a peaceful state.  “Where do you want to go today?”, asks Microsoft.   You can escape all those nagging feelings about personal and social responsibility by looking at the world through rose coloured Windows.  All infantile wishes will be granted though the Internet at the  drop of a finger.  You can shop without leaving home.

Don’t believe your dictionary when it defines welfare as “health and happiness”.  Welfare is a socialist crutch.  Handouts from government subvert the marketplace.  The New World order has decreed that nothing has value unless it can be bought, and its corollary — those who can’t buy have no value .   In newspeak, welfare is a wasteful expenditure of taxpayers money on worthless people.   But not even Orwell, when he wrote his novel in 1949,  would have predicted that it would be Big Business who is watching you, not Big Brother.  They is record every purchase you make.  They mount surveillance cameras in public places.  Big Business defines language, the way you think, and your acceptance of ideas. Things that were once unacceptable, or even bizarre, now seem perfectly normal.

The constellation of big business is ascendant  For example, Microsoft is now the tenth largest “country” in the world in terms of economic power,  not far behind Canada at sixth.  In the New World Order, the freedom of Big Business supercedes that of citizens.  The only true voting citizens of the New World Order are the minority ruling class. They are an oligarchy, the real special interest group.

“The oligarchy never wants anyone to know what, or how much,  ordinary citizens can accomplish if they learn to use the power of their own laws.  Apathy is good for business-as-usual; so is cynicism” says American Presidential hopeful for the Green Party, Ralph Nader.


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